MINX is a new and exciting Styling Firm providing personal and professional “mobile” shopping/fashion services for customers. Our mobile shopping services are unique in that we cater to you wherever you are…”We Bring The Shopping To You”!  Without the hassle of driving to shopping malls, going through racks of unwanted clothes, searching for  sizes, or fighting crowds…customers can achieve the look they want right where they are through Minx. We will be able to help customers maintain and improve their fashion on their terms & time. Our services include MINX Mix, Posh Parties, Personal Shopping, Professional Styling, and Closet Clean-Outs.

Our MINX Mix service is a two-hour shopping party where customers are able to buy exclusive fashion in a elegant, social setting. In addition to attending a Minx Mix, customers are also able to request to have a representative host their own party in their own setting.

Our Posh Parties are clothing swap parties where customers bring new or  nice gently worn fashions to swap with other customers. Customers are allowed to swap the same number of items they bring to the party. In addition to swapping, customers will be able to enjoy other special amenities.

Our Minx Personal Styling service consists of one on one shopping sessions where inventory will be provided to the customer for them to chose from or individual shopping done by a Minx representative for the customer. This service allows Minx to deliver cost effective & personalized wardrobe consulting for their individual lifestyle.

Our Minx Professional Styling service will provide styling for such as agencies, models, and/or photographers participating in photoshoots or fashion shows. Minx will assist with helping create the wardrobe for customer.

Our Minx Closet-Clean Out service is the reviewing, organizing, & revamping of the customer’s closet. Minx will help with creating, starting, and maintaining a fashionable wardrobe. The goal is to create a closet of fabulous fashion by keeping, removing, or adding clothing items.  A representative will assist the customer with  determining  what to keep or toss from their wardrobe. The customer will  have the option to donate, sell, or swap the items determined to toss.

We are also here to provide fashion tips and news as well as great buys! For more information on our services contact us at myminxshop@gmail.com. No matter what your interest or need may be, you are sure to find your fashion fix here with MINX!


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