Don’t let the chilling temperatures keep you away from wearing your favorite maxi dress this season. There are ways to transition your maxi and look stylish while doing so. Adding key fall/winter pieces are the perfect way to keep your dress in rotation. With your own personal style and creative thinking it can be done without a doubt. Here are our 3 easy ways to transition your maxi dress!

Add A Blazer

One of the easiest and quickest way to incorporate your maxi dress into this season’s wardrobe is to pair it with a blazer. Topping your maxi with a great fitting blazer will give you a polished and chic look. Go for a rich, luxe seasonable colored blazer to achieve the best look.

Slip on a Sweater

Pairing your maxi with a great sweater is another way to transition your dress with style. Go with a solid color sweater such as cream, black, or grey. You can mix with chunky knit or slim fitting cable knit sweaters, either way you will create a cool look!

Layer Up

Always a great way to dress for the season, layering can transition your maxi in an instant. Try layering a solid white shirt with a cropped jacket on top of you maxi. This will create an edgy and sassy look that you will love.

photos courtesy of www.google.com


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