The most exciting part of fall fashion has to be perfectingyour selection of boots and coats for the season. Although we tend to dress up in layers as the weather changes, outerwear gives you the chance to express your style. Your choice of coats and boots should keep you warm and fabulous! Check out these tips on finding the best styles for you and making them last.


Wear the right outfit! Be sure to try on any coat over the clothes you plan to wear with it. A coat can look different over a dress versus a sweater, or with flats versus boots or heels.

Don’t be afraid to go up a size! You want to layer comfortably. Take it to the tailor if you need adjustments in sleeves or lengths.

Look for design details! A removable hood and fleece-lined pockets can add warmth. Try a belt or seaming for a flattering shape.

Choose your fabric! Wool is a great low maintenance option that’s a wind-resistant and provides protection against rain and snow. Down coats are lightweight and provide warmth. Cashmere is luxurious and warm but requires more care.

Help it last! Clean your coat twice a season. Have a professional take care of it.


Get the right size! Find your perfect fit at the end of the day when your feet are most swollen. Avoid shopping in the morning; you could end up with a too-tight pair.

Pick the best material! Consider your lifestyle and how often you will wear them.

Look for your most flattering fit & style! Tailored silhouettes will create the leanest legline. If you have bigger calves, try boots that hit right below the knee.

Prep them! Weatherproof boots with a spray at home or professionally.

Alter them if you need to! Tweaking the fit of your boots can be easy; add an elastic or leather insert to expand the calf size, or put in a zipper to narrow the boot shaft.


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