Winter shorts feat

Wearing shorts in the winter may not be the first thing that comes to mind when getting dressed to head out this season. However when paired with confidence and great shoes the combination works!  You can expand your winter wardrobe and stand out in the crowd by trying this new trend. Pulling off the look may be intimidating at first but take the risk and add edge to your look.  Here’s our guide to help you!


Winter shorts glam

For a glamorous look stick with darker tones/prints, they give you a classy look and are more versatile. Always wear black or navy stockings Pair with platform shoes to complete the look.


Winter shorts chic

For a chic look choose tweed, wool, or leather fabrics paired with lightly layered clothing. Wear shorts in rich tones like burgundy & hunter green. Pair with booties or flats to complete the look.


winter shorts cool

For a relaxed comfortable look, choose pleated or structured shorts, make sure they are not too short, pair with flat boots to complete your style.

*All images courtesy of Google Search


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