Spring 2013 accres feat

Spring is in the air! While you are creating & wearing your new Spring looks, don’t forget the accessories! What you choose to accessorize with can make or break your look, have fun pairing things together this season. With each season comes new “Must-Haves” to indulge in to help you look your best.  Here’s a look at our 3 Must Have Accessories for this Spring!


Not only are they extremely comfortable, but chic at the same time. Today they come in a variety of colors, designs, and textures. Choose a couple of pair to accentuate your Spring looks effortlessly!

Spring acceres flats


Wearing a flowy scarf with solid tees, dresses, or button downs can add a pop of color while giving you a polished look. Choose a orange-pink hue this season, it looks great with many different skin tones!

Spring 2013 acc scarf


The bold color and structure works as a perfect way to “tie-up” your look! Try pairing the bag with a contrast color for a more dramatic effect.

Spring accs bright bag


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