Winter is all about the cold, but that doesn’t mean your style has to take a plunge! Keep your winter hot with detailed and feminine pieces that will give you a fab look and keep your warm. Take a look at MINX Top 5 Fab Winter Necessities!

Fedora Hats are big, literally, this year! Not only will these hats keep you warm on cold, windy days…the options are limitless! Try a bold color or add a personal touch to the hat by placing on a pin!

Faux Fur this winter season is a must have! Although faux fur is an obvious staple for winter, today’s modern flair includes different colors, textures, and shapes. This fun addition to your wardrobe will keep you warm and make a fashion statement at the same time!

Over The Knee Boots are definitely necessary for a warm and chic look. With so many options from stiletto, flats, to wedges…these boots are made for walking all winter long!

Gloves are in the traditional uniform for dressing in the winter,  but today’s glove trend is serves its double purpose! Besides keeping your fingers warm, gloves can also add subtle sophistication and glamour to your look. Work this necessity into your wardrobe by adding different colors and textures of gloves.

Sunglasses are no longer just for the sunmer! Sun rays are still present in the winter so what other way to help protect your eyes than wearing a pair of fab shades! Take the winter season to experiment with different styles. When paired with your other winter necessities, your style will heat up in no time!
Keep warm, Keep Chic…Dress Like You Mean It!


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